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KD643H pneumatic gas cut off butterfly valve

KD643H pneumatic gas quick cut off butterfly valve

Product overview
KD643H pneumatic gas quick cut off butterfly valve is also called gas quick cut off valve, according to the user’s actual working conditions and design of a new generation of quick cut off butterfly valve. It’s a stop-off valve for emergency traffic. Pneumatic quick cut off butterfly valve is composed of metal sealed three eccentric butterfly valve and single action spring return actuator, with fast closing characteristics, the shortest closing time is less than 1 second, widely used in heating furnace gas, blast furnace gas, converter gas, dust removal and combustible gas pipelines require quick cut off occasions.
The characteristics of pneumatic gas quick cut butterfly valve;
(1) Rubber sealing ring, good sealing performance, no leakage;
(2) The use of double eccentric cone sealing structure, the larger and tighter the sealing mechanism and seal wear automatic supplement function:
(3) The double acting cylinder is used to drive, the opening and closing torque is large, the action speed is fast, the valve is opened and closed quickly, and the flow resistance loss is small.
(4) The cylinder adopts buffer design to improve the service life; The cylinder is equipped with a muffler to reduce noise pollution to the environment. Suitable for blast furnace gas, converter gas and other flammable gas pipelines requiring quick cut-off occasions.
Pneumatic gas quick cut butterfly valve main performance:
Nominal pressure: 0.10MPa
Strength test pressure: 0.15MPa
Seal test pressure: 0.11MPa
Applicable temperature: ≤200℃
Applicable medium: heating furnace gas, blast furnace gas, converter gas, etc
One-way opening and closing time: DN≤1200, S≤2 seconds; DN≥1400, S≤3.5 seconds