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D942X electric soft seal butterfly valve

First, D942X electric soft seal butterfly valve product overview:
Our company developed the soft seal center line clamp butterfly valve, double eccentric flanged butterfly valve compact structure, 90° rotary switch easy, reliable seal, long service life, is used in water plants, power plants, steel mills, paper making, chemical, food and other systems in the water supply and drainage, as the adjustment and cut-off use.
Two D942X electric soft seal butterfly valve features:
1, the valve adopts double eccentric structure, with the sealing function of tighter and tighter, and the sealing performance is reliable.
2. The sealing auxiliary material is made of stainless steel and nitrile oil-resistant rubber for long service life.
3, the rubber sealing ring can be located on the valve body, can also be located on the butterfly plate, can be applicable to different characteristics of the media, for the user to choose.
4, the butterfly plate adopts the frame structure, high strength, large flow area, small flow resistance.
5, the whole paint, can effectively prevent rust and as long as the replacement of the sealing valve seat sealing material, it can be used in different media.
6, the valve has a two-way sealing function, the installation is not controlled by the flow of the medium, is not affected by the spatial position, can be installed in any direction.
7. The valve has unique structure, flexible operation, labor-saving and convenient.
Three, D942X electric soft seal butterfly valve main end parameters:
Nominal passage DN (mm) 50 ~ 2000 50 ~ 1600
Nominal pharmacology PN (MPa) 0.6 1.0 1.6
Seal test (MPa) 0.66 1.1 1.76
Strength test (MPa) 0.9 1.5 2.4
Applicable temperature Nitrile rubber: -40℃ ~ 90℃ Fluorine rubber: -20℃ ~ 200℃
Applicable media water, air, natural gas, oil and weakly corrosive fluids
Leakage rate meets GB/T13927-92 standard
Drive mode worm gear drive, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic
Four, D942X electric soft seal butterfly valve main parts materials:
Part name material
Valve body WCB, QT450-10, HT200, HT250
Butterfly plate WCB, QT450-10, HT200, HT250
Valve shaft 2Cr13
Seal ring nitrile oil resistant rubber
Packed flexible graphite
Five, D942X electric soft seal butterfly valve implementation standard:
Manufacturing standard GB/T122387-89
Flange standard GB9113-2000, GB17241.6-1998
Structure length standard GB12221-89
Inspection standard GB/T13927-92