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Product working principle and use:

The plunger gate valve is composed of valve body, valve cover, valve stem, plunger, guide sleeve, sealing ring, handwheel and other parts (as shown). When the handwheel rotates, the plunger is driven by the valve stem to move up and down in the guide sleeve, so that the inclined cone of the plunger end and the seat surface complete the valve opening and closing function.

Product structure features:

In the valve plunger and sealing ring with interference fit, by adjusting the flange bolt preload, so that the sealing ring compression produced by the side force and the valve body hole surface and plunger outer circle seal so that high wear-resistant non-toxic new sealing material, so the seal is reliable, durable, thereby improving the service life of the valve.

The plunger gate valve is designed and manufactured according to the original gate valve connection size. Due to the defects of external leakage, poor refolding of sealing ring and short service life, the plunger gate valve combines the advantages of no leakage of the plunger valve with the characteristics of fast opening and closing of the gate valve and high temperature and high pressure resistance, becoming a novel structure of no leakage plunger gate valve.

Product performance parameters:


Experimental project

Experimental medium

Experimental pressure

Pressure test


1.5 the PN

High pressure seal test


1.1 the PN

Low pressure gas seal test


0.5 – o. 7 mpa

Product main parts materials:
Valve body

Cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel, molybdenum stainless steel

Valve stem

ASTM A182-Gr.F6a ASTM A182-F22 ASTM A351-CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M


Chrome-nickel-titanium stainless steel


GCR15, 440,304,316

Hole frame

Stainless steel



Seal ring

Flexible graphite

Shank cap


Upper cover


Hand wheel

ASTM A536 Gr.60-40-18, A216-WCB