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D373W stainless steel butterfly valve

Working principle

D373W stainless steel butterfly valve is eccentric metal sealing structure, the sealing form is metal-to-metal sealing, metal sealing ring can be exchanged, stainless steel plate and graphite composite plate sealing ring to metal sealing. In addition to the drive form of hard sealed butterfly valve, there are: manual, worm gear drive, pneumatic, etc. The butterfly plate of the hard-sealed butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipe. In the cylindrical channel of the butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, the rotation Angle is between 0° and 90°, and the valve is fully open when it is rotated to 90°. At present, the hard-sealed butterfly valve, as a component used to realize the on-off and flow control of the pipeline system, has been well applied in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, hydropower and so on. The valve body and the valve seat are connected components, and the sealing surface layer of the valve seat is surfacing with heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy materials. The multi-layer soft stacked sealing ring is fixed on the valve plate. Compared with the traditional butterfly valve, this butterfly valve has the advantages of high temperature resistance, light operation, no friction in opening and closing. When closed, it compensates for the sealing with the increase of the torque of the transmission mechanism, which improves the sealing performance of the butterfly valve and prolonging the service life.

Product characteristics

1, this product adopts three eccentric design, that is
(1) The center of the stem is relatively eccentric with the center line of the valve body
(2) The center of the valve stem is relatively eccentric with the sealing surface of the butterfly plate
(3) The sealing surface of the butterfly plate deflects an Angle from the center of the valve stem
Because of these three eccentricities, each point on the circumference of the sealing surface of the butterfly plate can be removed from the seat at the same time when the valve is opened, so there is no relative friction between the butterfly plate and the seat, which not only takes effect on the operating torque, improves the operating flexibility, but also improves the service life of the sealing pair
2, due to the role of its eccentric cone, when the valve is closed, it can be closed more tightly, and it can achieve self-locking, and it will not be closed too much because of the driving torque
3. Because the sealing surface material of the butterfly plate of this kind of valve is combined with stainless steel and composite materials, it can ensure the strength of the sealing surface and ensure the sealing performance
4, the reverse pressure sealing performance test of this product can reach at least 0.8MPa
5, between the butterfly plate and the seat through the “progressive” to maintain the same sealing effect, that is, after the wear of the seal pair, it can be compensated by the advance of the butterfly plate position
6, the valve stem installation is firm and reliable, the lower part of the valve stem is installed with a fixed ring, will not occur through the outside accident
7, applicable media and working conditions: the product can be used in water, air, gas, oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive media pipelines; Operating temperature -30℃-+350℃
8, connection form: flange, clamp, welding
Transmission mode: worm gear drive, electric, pneumatic

Performance parameter
Main performance parameters:

Nominal pressure

PN 1.0/1.6/2.5Mpa

Applicable temperature

425 ℃ or less

Applicable medium

Water, steam, oil, gas, natural gas

Main parts

Valve body, valve disc, sealing ring, rotating shaft, packing

Main material

Carbon steel, stainless steel