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D343W-10P/16P/25P/R/RL stainless steel flange butterfly valve

D343W-10P/16P/25P/R/RL Stainless steel flanged butterfly valve Instructions:

D343W-10P/16P/25P/R/RL stainless steel flanged butterfly valve adopts three-eccentric hard seal structure, the seat and the butterfly plate almost no wear, with the tighter sealing function. The sealing ring is made of stainless steel, with the double advantages of metal hard seal and elastic seal, regardless of low temperature and high temperature, it has excellent sealing performance, corrosion resistance and long service life. The sealing surface of the butterfly plate is surfacing welded cobalt-based cemented carbide, which is resistant to wear and has long service life. The large size plate adopts quilted frame structure, which has high strength, large flow area and small flow resistance. According to user needs, the hard seal butterfly valve of the valve supply network can be designed to have a two-way sealing function, and the installation is not limited by the flow direction of the medium, nor is it affected by the spatial position, and can be installed in any direction. The drive unit can be installed in multiple stations (90° or 180° rotation) for easy user use.

D343W-10P/16P/25P/R/RL Stainless steel flange butterfly valve Application range:

Industrial pipelines such as gold, power, petrochemical, water supply and drainage, and municipal construction

D343W-10P/16P/25P/R/RL Stainless steel flange butterfly valve Standard specification:
Design and manufacturing standard: GB/T 12238-2008
Structure length standard: GB/T 12221-2005
Connection flange standard: GB/T 9113
Pressure temperature grade: GB/T 12224-2005
Test standard: GB/T 13927-2008

D343W-10P/16P/25P/R/RL Stainless steel flanged butterfly valve Features and principles:
Deviate from the center of the sealing surface
Sloping cone
When the valve is opened, the butterfly plate and the valve seat contact instantaneously when it is closed, and the eccentric 1 and 2 of the butterfly plate are quickly removed from the valve seat, which reduces the wear of the sealing pair, and the friction torque is small and the opening is flexible. Eccentric cone 3, so that when the valve is opened or closed, the butterfly plate can pass through the valve seat hole to achieve contact seal. In addition, the rotation radius of the conical butterfly plate is greater than the rotation radius of the contact position of the sealing pair, so the butterfly plate will be more and more tightly closed when the valve is closed, which can realize self-locking and prevent the butterfly plate from overpositioning.

D343W-10P/16P/25P/R/RL Stainless steel flange butterfly valve Main technical parameters:

Nominal diameter

DN (mm)

50 ~ 2000

50 ~ 500

Nominal pressure

PN (MPa)






Test pressure

Strength test






Seal test






Gas seal test






Leakage rate

< 0.1×DNmm3/s (according to GB/T13927-92 standard)

Applicable temperature

Carbon steel :-29℃ ~ 425℃ stainless steel -40℃ ~ 600℃

Applicable medium

Air, water, steam, gas, oil and acid, alkali, salt with weak corrosive media

Driving form

Worm gear drive, gas drive, electric drive

D343W-10P/16P/25P/R/RL Stainless steel flanged butterfly valve main parts of the material:

Part name


Valve body

Cast iron, stainless steel, chromium molybdenum steel, alloy steel


Cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, chromium molybdenum steel

Sealing ring

Stainless steel is combined with high temperature resistant asbestos panels to form multiple layers

Valve stem

2Cr13, 1Cr13 stainless steel, chromium molybdenum steel


Austenitic stainless steel, 304 nitriding


Flexible graphite