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Q641F-600Lb American standard pneumatic high pressure forged steel ball valve

Product working principle and use:
American standard pneumatic high pressure forged steel ball valve is mainly used for cutting or connecting the medium, can also be used for fluid regulation and control, high pressure forged steel ball valve can be more accurate flow regulation and control, suitable for Class 150 ~ 600Lb, working temperature <150℃ long distance pipeline and general industrial pipelines, The design of its safety and resistance to harsh environment have been specially considered, and it is suitable for water, oil, steam and other media.
Product structure features:
1, the fluid resistance is small, the ball valve is a small fluid resistance in the valve class, even if it is a ball valve, the fluid resistance is quite small.
2, the switch is fast and convenient, as long as the stem rotates 90°, the ball valve will complete the full opening or full closing action, it is easy to achieve fast opening and closing.
3, good sealing performance. Ball valve seat sealing rings are generally made of elastic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene, which is easy to ensure sealing, and the sealing force of ball valve increases with the increase of medium pressure.
4. Valve stem seal is reliable. When the valve stem is opened and closed, it only rotates, so the packing seal of the valve stem is not easy to be destroyed, and the sealing force of the valve stem reverse seal increases with the increase of the medium pressure.
5. The opening and closing of the ball valve only do 90° rotation, so it is easy to achieve automatic control and remote control, and can be configured with pneumatic devices, electric devices, hydraulic devices, gas-liquid linkage devices or electro-hydraulic linkage devices.
6. The ball valve channel is smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to deposit medium, and the pipeline can be passed through the ball.
Product performance parameters:
Product name American standard pneumatic high pressure forged steel ball valve
Specifications range DN15-DN200
Temperature range -40℃≈500℃
Pressure range PN16-PN320
Body material A105/ stainless steel
Valve stem material SS304
Valve cover material A105/ stainless steel
Spool material SS304
Connection mode Flange connection/butt welding connection
Scope of application: water, oil, steam, gas, gas and some corrosive liquids
Product main parts materials:
Part Name Valve Body Ball seat stem packing bracket connecting shaft
Q641F forged steel, stainless steel PTFE 2Cr13 flexible graphite forged steel, stainless steel forged steel