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H44H American standard check valve

Product working principle and use:
Check valves are valves that automatically stop the flow of fluid back. The disc of the check valve opens under the action of fluid pressure, and the fluid flows from the inlet side to the outlet side. When the pressure on the inlet side is lower than that on the outlet side, the valve disc automatically closes under the action of factors such as fluid pressure difference and gravity to prevent fluid backflow.
The American standard check valve is designed and manufactured strictly according to API 6D standard, and the pin and valve disc are connected by built-in structure, which has excellent performance and reliable sealing. The products are used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power industry and other working conditions of the pipeline.
Product structure features:
1, the selection of materials, in line with domestic and foreign standards, the quality of materials is high.
2, the sealing pair is advanced and reasonable, the sealing surface of the valve disc and seat is made of iron base alloy or Stellite cobalt-based cemented carbide surfacing surface, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and long service life.
3, products according to the standard GB/T12235 design and manufacture.
4. Various pipe flange standards and flange sealing types can be used to meet various engineering needs and user requirements.
5, the valve body material variety is complete, the gasket can be reasonably selected according to the actual working conditions or user requirements, and can be applied to a variety of pressure, temperature and medium conditions.

Product performance parameters:
Test pressure /Mpa Nominal Pressure (Lb)
150 300 400 600
Shell test 3.0 7.5 10.2 15.0
Seal test 2.2 5.5 7.5 11.0
Body material WCB(C) CF8(P) CF 8M (R) WC6/WC9(V)
Operating temperature / ℃ ≤ 425 ≤ 100 ≤ 100 ≤ 550
Applicable medium water, steam, oil nitric acid acetic acid water, steam
Product main parts materials:
Name Name Material material
Valve Body
Disc Wedge
Rocker Arm
Yoke A216WCB A352 LCB A217WC6 A217WC9 A217 C5 A351 CF8 A351 CF8M A351 CF3 A351 CF3M
Pin Arm Pin A182 F6 A182 F304 A182 F316 A182 F304L A182 F316L
Stud Bonnet Boll A193-B7 A320-L7 A193-B8
Nut A194-2H A194-7 A194-8