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D73H American standard butterfly valve

Product working principle and use:

D73H butterfly valve adopts three-dimensional eccentric oblique conical valve seat seal, butterfly plate seal adopts new metal sheet and elastic material laminated, embedded in the butterfly plate and valve seat. The sealing surface is tightly sealed by the swing of the butterfly plate, so the friction resistance of the sealing surface is small, and the function of the closing is tighter when closed, so that the sealing is reliable, and the opening ensures that the sealing surface is completely out of contact to ensure that the sealing surface is not damaged. The structure features of the butterfly valve exclude the shortcomings of other types of butterfly valves that can not be sealed by opening too much, and can be used normally at high dawn, overcoming the shortcomings of other types of valves that are easy to leak due to thermal expansion when used at high temperature. The medium requirements of the butterfly valve cultivator, the selection of different sealing surface materials to ensure that the sealing surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.

This valve is suitable for low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, iron and steel metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industrial pipelines for cutting or regulating medium flow.

Product structure features:

1, the valve adopts three eccentric sealing structure, the valve seat and the butterfly plate almost no wear, with more and more tight sealing function.
2, the sealing ring is made of stainless steel, with the double advantages of metal hard seal and elastic seal, regardless of low temperature and high temperature, it has excellent sealing performance, corrosion resistance, long service life and other characteristics.
3. The sealing surface of the plate is surfacing cobalt-based cemented carbide, which is wear-resistant and has long service life.
4, large specifications of the plate quilted structure, high strength, large flow area, small flow resistance.
5, the valve has a bidirectional sealing function, installation is not limited by the flow of the medium, is not affected by the spatial position, can be installed in any direction.
6, the drive device can be installed in multiple stations (rotation 90° or 180°), easy to use.

Product performance parameters:

Nominal passthrough DN (in)

2″-36″ 2″-36″

Nominal pressure PN(MPa)

150LB 300LB

Experimental pressure Ps (MPa)

3.0 7.5

Seal test

2.2 5.5

Applicable medium

Water, steam, oil, acid and alkali, sea water

Applicable temperature

-40 ~ 425℃

Product main parts materials:

Valve body


Valve plate


Valve stem

316, 304


Flexible graphite, fluorine plastic