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D341F46-16C manual large diameter lined fluorine butterfly valve

D341F46-16C manual large diameter fluorine lined butterfly valve, with production of large diameter fluorine lined butterfly valve equipment and pressure testing equipment, caliber up to DN1200-DN1400
Technical parameters and implementation standards of fluorine lined butterfly valve
Lined butterfly valve
Connection type Splint type fluorine lined butterfly valve Flange type fluorine lined butterfly valve
Transmission mode Manual fluorine lined butterfly valve, worm gear drive fluorine lined butterfly valve, pneumatic fluorine lined butterfly valve, electric fluorine lined butterfly valve
Nominal pressure PN1.0Mpa, PN1.6Mpa
Valve material gray cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
Lining material PTFE(F4), FEP(F46), PCTEF(F3), PVDF(F2), GXPP, GXPO, UHMW-PE rubber
Applicable media see anti-corrosion lining materials Fresh water, sewage, sea water, air, steam, food, medicine, various oils, acids, alkalis, salts
Operating temperature (℃) -15~150℃
Design and manufacture GB/T12238-1989, Q/ZXD 03-1999, API 609, MSS SP-67
Structure Length GB/T 12221-89
Connecting flange JB/T 82.1-94, GB/T9113.1-2000
Pressure test GB/T 13927-1992
Product characteristics
Manual fluorine lined flanged butterfly valve specification
Brand: Zhejiang Guoji Fluid Control Co., LTD Model: D341F46
Material: fluorine-lined connection form: flange
Structural form: cut-off nominal diameter: DN40-1200 (mm)
Applicable media: all kinds of high corrosive chemical media Drive mode: manual – electric – pneumatic
Pressure environment: normal pressure working temperature: normal temperature
Standard: National standard Flow direction: two-way
Parts and accessories: Handwheel use: cut-off
Type (channel position) : Straight through