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Blind plate valve Glasses valve

Overview of eyewear valve products
Compared with other absolute cutting valve equipment in the pipeline, the eyeglass valve has the characteristics of novel structure, light weight, small volume, convenient operation, rapid action and absolutely reliable gas cutting performance.
Structural features of glasses valve
Blind valve (glasses valve) is a hand, electric or pneumatic, hydraulic cut off the gas medium gate valve, generally divided into electric blind valve, hydraulic blind valve, closed gate valve, electric open blind.
Structure: blind plate valve is composed of left and right valve bodies, telescopic mechanism, fan-shaped valve plate and electric push rod ⅰ for driving valve plate and clamped and loosened electric push rod ⅱ.
The blind valve has three driving devices, including two manual clamping or loosening devices, and one electric device for opening or closing the gate. In opening or closing the gate, first loosen the two manual devices, and then start the electric device, so as to achieve the purpose of opening or closing the gate (special attention: The two manual devices shall not be loosened and the electric device shall not be opened). After the opening or closing of the gate is completed, the two manual devices shall be clamped together before the pipeline can work.