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Pneumatic knife gate valve

Pneumatic knife gate valve – also known as knife gate valve, knife slurry valve. From the 1980s into Our country, in less than 20 years, its scope of use from the ordinary field expanded to a broader range of all walks of life. From coal preparation, gangue and slag discharge in mine power plants, to urban sewage treatment, from general industrial pipeline to food, health, medicine and other professional pipeline system. Ultra-thin knife gate valve with its small volume, small flow resistance, light weight, easy to install, easy to disassemble and other advantages completely solve the flow resistance of ordinary gate valve, flat gate valve, globe valve, regulating valve, butterfly valve and other valves, large mass, difficult to install, cover an area of large problems. With the advent of pneumatic knife gate valves, a large number of general purpose shut-off valves and regulating valves have been replaced by them.

Our PZ type pneumatic knife gate valve absorbs the domestic and foreign advanced technology and the structure advantages, ruling out other knife gate valve from the manufacturer in use of is a lightweight, compact structure is simple, reliable sealing performance, long service life, has the advantages of cutting medium, its sealing principle is through the disc in closing, The bevel section of the gate touches the wedge on the valve body to make the gate close to the sealing surface to seal the effect, and the bevel section of the gate bottom has the function of cutting off the medium, so that the valve is not easy to be blocked by the medium. Its structure can be made into hard seal, soft seal, can be selected according to customer requirements for sealing.

Pneumatic knife gate valve because of the use of knife gate, has a good shearing effect, suitable for pulp, powder, fiber and other difficult to control the fluid, widely used in papermaking, petrochemical, mining, drainage, food and other industries. A variety of seats are available and the valve can be automated with electric or pneumatic actuators depending on field control requirements.

Pneumatic knife gate valve product features

1, pneumatic knife gate valve body adopts integral design, fluid resistance is small, flexible and convenient operation.
2, pneumatic knife gate valve screw transmission adopts double plane bearing design, making the transmission friction greatly reduced, convenient valve opening and closing.
3, knife gate valve sealing seat using movable seal, and the use of O-ring pre-tightening to provide pre-tightening force to seal the seat close to the valve plate, greatly reduce the leakage, in the long-term use of the sealing pair wear automatic compensation function, improve the service life of the valve.
4, fixed guide claw, no groove design, not easy to cause media accumulation and blockage.
5, pneumatic knife gate valve seat can be according to the needs of media and mining, choose metal hard seal or soft seal: the gate surface plating hard chromium or ion nitriding treatment, make the gate more wear-resistant, sealing surface service life enhancement; Soft seal seat available PTFE, NBR, EPDM seat, good sealing, corrosion resistance.
6, pneumatic knife gate valve with double or single acting cylinder, input 5kg air source, through the solenoid valve can control the opening and closing of the slurry valve.