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PQ940F/H Electric eccentric half ball valve

PQ940F/H Electric eccentric half ball valve
Double eccentric ball valve using eccentric valve body, eccentric ball and seat, stem for rotary motion in the common trajectory of automatic centering, closing the process more and more tight, fully achieve the purpose of good sealing. Ball valve and valve seat completely separated, eliminate the wear of sealing ring, overcome the traditional ball seat and ball sealing surface always wear problem, non-metallic elastic materials are embedded in the metal seat, seat metal surface is well protected. This product is especially suitable for steel industry, aluminum, fiber, small solid particles, pulp, coal ash, petroleum gas and other media.
◆ Product features
1, the structure of the double eccentric half ball valve adopts eccentric principle through the drive mechanism to lock tight tight, adjusting, closing, the purpose of sealing pair is surface contact seal ring hardfacing metal, double eccentric structure in the open when the valve core is located in the ball room, large flow area, and the valve is not washed, closing valve core is not washed, open the valve core sphere along the seat, effectively remove fouling obstacle, Achieve reliable sealing. It is particularly effective for two-phase mixed flow transportation of solid precipitates that are easy to scale
2, the valve hemispheres with bimetal, base metal surfacing of different alloys, seat also for the corresponding surfacing after special treatment, sealing surface combination into anti-corrosion, wear resistance, high strength and other types, to meet the needs of different occasions
3, tight seal, delivery of harmful gas can reach zero leakage
The spool of the sealing pair has a compensation amount. When the valve is worn, turn a little when it is closed, so that it can be reliably sealed and the service life is prolonged. In addition, the user will screw off the pressure nut, adjust or replace the seat is still available, to avoid the valve seal failure, the whole scrap defects because of the hardfacing of different alloy (or combined ball) bimetal sealing pair selection can be used for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and strict sealing conditions
1, general valve: specification model DN40-1600. Suitable for sewage treatment, pulp, urban heating and other occasions with strict requirements
2, oil chemical valve: specification DN40-1600. Suitable for crude oil, heavy oil and other kinds of oil, chemical industry weak corrosion, two phase mixed flow medium
3, special gas valve: specification DN40-1600. Suitable for gas, natural gas, liquefied gas transmission control
4, slurry valve: specification DN40-1600. Suitable for liquid, solid two-phase mixed flow or liquid transport chemical reaction crystallization or scaling of industrial pipeline transport
5, pulverized coal ash special valve: specification DN40-1600. Suitable for power plant, hydraulic slag removal or gas pipeline control